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The Jeffkeys Combo
Organ Groove Trio  and Quartet - Dance Club Band

  The Jeffkeys Combo bands are my two latest projects. They are two separate bands. First I present the Jeffkeys Combo - Organ Groove Trio. My hip martini lounge groove combo. Next I have my blues/rock powerful club combo The Jeffkeys Combo Quartet. Joining me are four extremely talented musicians. Mark Lonergan at bass,   Ronny Sheehan on Guitar and Vocals and  Tim Maynard and Vass Vassaliades on Percussion.

    In the past I had been playing mostly pure roots and rockin' Blues. I moved to the West Coast where I experienced playing the gutsy historic Blues of Oakland, California and the lighter Jazz scene of the Napa Valley wine circuit. Since returning from Napa I have had the pleasure of appearing with many fine local musicians.

Welcome to the Organ Groove Trio

   I am having a lot of fun " Groovin' " with Mark and Vass . Playing in this trio has proved to be very rewarding. This organ-based Groove combo explores a variety of music, starting with our own Groove originals. We're putting a Groove spin on everything from the Sambas of Jobim to many Blues and Jazz standards with some hipped out songs from the nineteen sixties and seventies also. The keyboards bark bebop lines and soar through vibrato enhanced chord progressions that could plow a field or calm a pond. It's Groove music with a zany cadence. For Groovin' Martini Music, or for Blues and Jazz venues, this Combo is there.

and I have been playing together for a number of years now. Mark is without a doubt one of the finest and most intelligent bassist to be found in the Northeast. He is a true bassist. His lines are unique and interesting adding not only melody and rhythm but also depth to the music. Mark is as fast on his feet as any musician I have ever performed with.

Joining   Mark and I in this version of the The Jeffkeys Combo is our good friend Janatis "Vass" Vassaliades.

Vass is the most truly creative percussionist I have had the pleasure to play with. Pulse, Tension, Melody, Taste, Unique, are all words that make me think of Vass. Years of Blues and Jazz drumming have created the "Teacher" of all things rhythmic. Vass has played with so many top performers that his experience and willingness to share is invaluable.

The Jeffkeys Combo    (Groove Trio)  Song List

  Our song list is continually changing. Here is a sample of some songs we played at our last gig.
1 Blues All Day Long Groove Holmes
2 Cissy Strut Meters
3 Moaning Art Blakey
4 Meditation Antonio Jobim
5 Lets Stay Together Al Green
6 Whats Going On Marvin Gaye
7 Sonny Bobby Hebb
8 Mercy Mercy Joe Zawinal
9 Black Magic Woman Santana
10 The Look Of Love Burt Bacharach and Hal David
11 The Masquerade Leon Russel
12 Black Orpheus Marcel Camus
13 Summertime George Gershwin
14 Fly Me To The Moon Bart Howard
15 Gm Groove Jeffkeys
16 Don't Mean A Thing Duke Ellington
17 Gumdrops Jeffkeys
18 The Wave Antonio Jobim
19 Shes Not There Rod Argent
20 Satin Doll Duke Ellington
21 Evil Ways Santana
22 Honkin' Round Jeffkeys
23 Killer Joe Benny Golsen
24 Sugar Stanley Turrentine
25 Late Night Blues Jeffkeys
26 Erics Dilema Jeffkeys
27 Jeff's G Boogie Jeffkeys
28 Electrum Jeffkeys
29 Violet Skies Jeffkeys
30 Point Isabella Jeffkeys
31 Angel Eyes Matt Dennis and Earl Brent
32 Latin Romp Jeffkeys
33 Here We Are Jeffkeys
34 New #1 Jeffkeys
35 Groundbass Jeffkeys
The Jeffkeys Combo
Quartet - Dance Club Band

   Recently Mark and I have been collaborating with Ronny and Tim. These sessions started out as after hours fun and relaxation and turned into a full fledged band. We kick out some of our all time favorites from Blues to Soul and Rock classics. I mean we really kick them out, fast, hard and wild, with screaming solos and relentless tight rhythms. Trust me, once we get going we don't let up.
   The music we produce contains a great deal of intense energy, tension. and emotion. Beatles, Stones, Dylan, Doors, Talking Heads, Santana, The Band, Cocker, Hendrix, Clapton, Petty, Stevie W., Stevie and Jimmy, Seeger, Van Morrison, Elvis, Chuck, Cash, Jaco, Meters, Ray, Muddy, Wolf, B.B., Buddy, Junior, Allman Bros, Gov. Mule.....I defy anyone within listening distance to stand still. This being the case, this group is the perfect dance club or concert band.

is a master percussionist. He is precision plus in his drumming. He feels the music very deeply and will put emphasis on those important phrases in a spontaneous real time solo as though he had heard them before. Tim also play's guitar and has been sitting in occasionally at guitar with myself, Vass and Mark in The Jeffkey's Combo  (Jazz Groove) . Tim plays the drums in many local theatrical pit bands. This is where Tim met guitar virtuoso/vocalist Ronny Sheehan and introduced us.

Where do I begin? A graduate of Berklee College of Music, Ronny is an accomplished music teacher and super talented guitarist. Technical as he can be in his teaching and understanding of the instrument. Ronny is full of heartfelt emotion in his singing and playing when he performs. Trust me you do want to catch Ronny and his axe "Lester". Ronny's playing is as intense, creative, and interesting as it gets. He plays many styles with many people, but when the day is done he enjoys some old favorites as do I.....

Groove On................Jeff-Keys

The Jeffkeys Combo    (Quartet - Dance Club Band)   Song List

  Our song list is continually changing. Here is a sample of some songs we played at our last gig.
1 Layla Derek And The Dominoes
2 All Along the Watchtower Hendrix
3 Breakdown T Petty
4 Feeling Allright Cocker
5 Folsom Prison Blues J Cash
6 Hard To Handle Otis Redding
7 Have You Ever Loved A Woman Clapton
8 Hey Joe Hendrix
9 Hoochie Coochie Man Muddy Waters
10 I Don't Need No Doctor R Charles
11 Johnny B Good J Johnson
12 Im Torn Down Clapton
13 Into The Mystic Van Morrison
14 It Hurts Me Too Clapton
15 Black Magic Woman Santana
16 Keys To The Highway Clapton
17 She Said, She Said Beatles
18 Little Wing Hendrix
19 Tupelo Honey Van Morrison
20 Mustang Sally W Pickett
21 Mystery Train Paul Butterfield Blues Band
22 Statesboro Blues Allman Bros.
23 One Way Out Allman Bros.
24 Pride and Joy Stevie Ray Vaughn
25 Rambling Gambling Man B. Seger
26 Running On Faith Clapton
27 She Came In Through The Bathroom Window Cocker
28 Soulshine Govt. Mule
29 Evil Ways Santana
30 Spooky Classic's IV
31 Stormy Monday T-Bone Walker
32 Suspicious Minds Elvis
33 Susperstition S Wonder
34 Take Me To The River Talking Heads
35 That's Allright Mama Elvis
36 That's What Love Will Make You Do Little Milton
37 The Letter Cocker
38 The Same Thing Willie Dixon
39 To Love Somebody Bee Gees
40 Whats Going On M Gaye
41 Where did our Love Go J. Giels
42 Cocaine Clapton
43 Night Moves B. Seger
44 Honky Tonk Woman Rolling Stones
45 Satisfaction Rolling Stones
46 Going Down Fredie King
47 Bad Moon Rising Creedence
48 On The Road Again Willy Nelson
49 Little Sister Stevie Ray Vaughn
50 After Midnight Clapton
51 Trying To Live My Life Without You B. Seger
52 Midnight Hour Wilson Pickett
53 The Sissy Strut The Meters
54 The Chicken Jaco P.
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